Healthy fast Meals for two

Healthy Fast Meals: Easy, No Prep Needed

Healthy Fast Meals for Two

Charles and I arrived in Louisiana from Arkansas the other day. We are staying here for two weeks. The move was pretty hectic for the both of us, and I didn’t have any time to cook for the first few days. I was looking for ways to make healthy fast meals.

I am not really a fan of burgers or anything with too much grease. However, it seems like every where we go to (Burger King, Carls Jr., Sonic, McDonalds) all of the fast food items were just chicken, burger or fries. It made me think of the Philippines because over food can be bought fresh. We can have good meals found in small eateries and even main Asian Chains. We eventually found the Lean Cuisine boxes after we almost run out of options.

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Lean Cuisine Boxed Meals


Lean Cuisine are frozen entrees stored in boxes and can be prepared using a microwave. They are typically low in calories as each contain 200-300 per box. The company claims that it uses fresh ingredients.

We got a total of 4 different lean cuisine boxes. I wanted to try them all! I noticed that each of the boxes have generally good nutritional content. It is not high in trans fat nor cholesterol. I had to watch out for the sodium because it has a pretty high amount of it.

We also want to follow the instructions very carefully. It is different per box. They use various kinds of meat and we want them to be thoroughly prepared.


Here it is! It looks good! The servings however are quite small. Lean Cuisine puts a premium on portion control.

Taste Test by Charles

Charles tried the Grilled Chicken Caesar entree. He think it’s pretty alright. I tried the Meatloaf and Mash potato ones. I really think it was quite good and filling. The servings were just right.


Healthy Meals for Two: Good Substitute if You Can’t Cook

Lean Cuisine Herb Roasted Chicken
Lean Cuisine Herb Roasted Chicken

Nothing can really replace home cooked meals. In fact, Lean Cuisine is a really, really good substitute for instances where you can’t really cook. This is very ideal you don’t wanna ruin your diet by eating fast food. They offer a wide range of entree options and can be delivered straight to your home.

Instant Healthy Meals? No Prep Needed!

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