what to do when stressed out

What to do When Stressed Out: 4 Things to Remember

Stress in a normal part of life. It is our body’s way of adapting to change. Some studies say that some amount of stress is good for us, to help our minds to respond better. But what do you do when you feel overwhelmed? Swamped with so many thoughts? Feeling like you can’t cope anymore? Most people want to know what to do when stressed out.

what to do when stressed out
Charles and I, Leaving for USA and starting our life together.

Being an immigrant, I could say that the personal cause of my stress was moving from one country to another. When I took this change, I took three major changes: 1. ) Being married, 2.) Currently adjusting to another country, and 3.) Leaving my other family back in my home country. Although most of my stress responses are emotional, I did have some sleep deprived nights and anxieties caused by change. I want to talk about the things I wished I knew back about what to do when stressed out. Also read: Overcome Depression: 5 Mindsets to Help You Out

What is stress and what causes it

Before we get into the things we should do, we are going to talk about what exactly is stress and what causes stress.

What is stress?

Stress is basically the body’s response to perceived “danger”. When we experience some changes and we perceive it as something difficult, our bodies react to it. We can say that it is in the form of the “fight-or-flight” response. Fight means our thoughts and reactions respond by solving the problem. Flight means we tend to find an escape with the situation at hand.

What causes stress?

There are many causes of stress. It could be something that is problem-based such as a loss of a job, loved one, natural disasters, etc. Others can be caused by disruptions in the routine such as a big move, change of environment, taking on a new responsibility, etc. According to Livestrong.com, the 5 major causes of stress are:

  1. Work/Financial related
  2. Relationships
  3. Life changes
  4. Environment
  5. Self-generated

Whatever causes it, stress is something that we should feel temporarily. It should be something that doesn’t make us feel like we’re losing control. And so, here are 5 things on what to do when stressed out.

What to do when stressed out

1. Stop

One of the causes of stress can be unhealthy habits. Unhealthy habits make us feel defeated and sucks our energy out. Check your daily routine if you can find unhealthy habits that you might want to eliminate. Some examples of bad habits are:

  • Sleeping late
  • Addictions
  • Unhealthy relationships
  • Unhealthy lifestyle choices (bad diet, no workout)

In order to remove bad habits, you should replace them with new ones. Instead of doing the bad habits, start the day by doing your replaced good habit. You will feel better about yourself and what you are capable of doing. If you don’t know how to start on it, or have trouble maintaining good habits, I encourage you to read this best-selling book, Changing for Good. It really helped lots of individuals achieve and maintain good habits. what to do when stressed out

2. Look

When we are stressed out, we sometimes feel like we don’t want others to be involved. In some cases, this is okay. But when we feel like we are so bottled up and we can’t contain our emotions, it is important to look for people around us who can help carry the burden. Talk to a trusted friend, counsellor, pastor, or loved ones during these times. It is important to find people who you can talk openly and give advice on what to do when stressed out. Things to remember

  • Look for people who know you can be open with. Avoid negative people.
  • Do not pass on the blame to your loved one, if your loved one is involved in the cause of your stress. Start with words such as “I feel…” (ex. “I feel overwhelmed because I need more help in the house”).
  • Take advice with a grain of salt. Not all advices are good. It is best to listen, but seek for godly people to give them.

3. Listen

Another thing to do is to listen to our bodies. When we experience stress, our body reacts. Stress is a major contributor to most of the health problems that people encounter daily. Diseases related to stress are:

  • Heart Disease
  • Asthma
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Headaches
  • Depression
  • Gastrointestinal problems

And many more. In some cases they can even cause premature death! Listen to your body. Rest when it is needed. It is not good to constantly feel burned out and overworked, because this state compromises our health. If you have troubles sleeping, make use of natural organic supplements, use sleep improvement pillow, or aromatherapy to improve your sleep environment.

What to do when stressed outWhat to do when stressed outWhat to do when stressed out

Change your eating habits as well if you feel like you have unhealthy food choices. Some foods contain nutrients that help lower cortisol and calm us in times of stress. Food choices like avocados, bananas, leafy vegetables, carrots and even whole wheat pretzels! I also recommend you to look into Whole 30. Whole 30 is a food preparation system that doesn’t focus on temporary diets, but actual food choice changes that are sustainable and healthy for weight loss. The recipes are just awesome and people gave so many testimonials about weight improvements and overall health. What to do when stressed out

4. Pray

Stress is one of the difficulties in life that we face. These trials are a part of life in order for us to grow. And so, in everything we face, we must ask ourselves, “How can this make me better?” Every problem is an opportunity to be better. Use the stress and anxiety you are feeling to think about what can be done, step-by-step in order to achieve the state that you want.

And most importantly, Pray. Prayer is strong. Prayer works because it is our connection to the most powerful source, God. God allows challenges in our lives so that we can pray and find strength in Him. If you don’t know yet how to pray about what stresses you out, here is a little guide to help you.

Dear God, I am feeling overwhelmed and stressed about ______________. Please guide me and help me to overcome this. Allow me to follow your lead and direct me in the right choices to make. I trust in You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

What to do when stressed out? Now you know!

Now you know what to do when stressed out! Was this article useful to you? What are the things you are facing and how are you coping? We would love to hear your thoughts. Leave us a comment below!

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