affordable family trips

5 Affordable Family Trips You Want to Try This Weekend

Affordable Family Trips

We all love taking a vacation. What better fun would it be if we also can bring our whole family with us? The problem lies here is not our willingness, but sometimes, the budget. This can be problematic especially for big families. That is why most people want to find good deals and ideas to have affordable family trips.

affordable family trips
at Taal Volcano in the Philippines – my affordable family trip!

Back in the Philippines, I always want to bring my family in my vacations. I always want to have good deals. One of the recent trips that I had was an overnight stay at a hotel with a trekking trip on a popular inactive volcano in the Philippines. We went to Club Balai Isabel and went trekking in Taal Volcano. It was a really fun experience and I keep those memories in my heart. In this post, I will be talking about affordable family trips ideas that will help you have a good time with your loved ones, but at the same time, not break your budget. Here we go!

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Affordable Family Trips Ideas


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Who doesn’t love a fun day at a park? And an affordable way to have fun and a good snack or brunch is bringing some easy-to-eat food items such as sandwiches, hotdogs, chips, bottled drinks, and other handy food options. Don’t forget to bring a kite, frisbee, your bike, and your picnic basket! You can bring your family along and assign which food items each person would want to contribute to the meal. Here is a list of the best picnic places in the USA. You might be nearby these best picnic spots!

Airbnb in a Vacation Spot

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Lately, there has been a boom in renting Airbnb houses, apartments and other spaces. People are more practical these days and want to have more freedom. They want to have freedom in number of persons per rooms, if they want to cook food inside their space during vacation, etc. Airbnb has become such a great alternative to hotels. So, it is a good idea to find a place that you really want to visit with your family, and find good Airbnb stays within that area! For example, we can find good Airbnb deals near Grand Canyon, depending on your budget, some of them as low as 80$ per night.

State Fairs

State fairs are always fun! You can try out the rides, or if you’re not adventurous like that you can also try the different kinds of food. Each state fair tries to be unique and authentic with their food offerings in each booth. There are also many games and activities that your family might want to try. Kids might want to do some mini fair games and win a fun prize. The adults mights want to take pictures around the area or watch shows and concerts that will happen in your chosen date. Here is a list of the best state fairs you can attend if you’re nearby. Don’t miss it out! Here is also a list of the schedules of each state fair.

Groupon Deals

Who doesn’t love discounts? I really love discounted trips. The Taal Volcano trip I mentioned is actually a discounted deal which was originally double the price I paid. One way to watch out for activities and vacations you can avail is by checking at Groupon. What is Groupon? It is basically a voucher deal made my companies who want to promote their products or service. That is why they are giving away discounts for people to try out. One of my favorite things is looking for vacation deals and restaurant or buffet discounts. It’s so cost efficient and I get my money’s worth while spending time with my loved ones!

Arcade or Bowling

affordable family tripsaffordable family trips

If you don’t plan to stay long, or just have an half-day affair, going to the arcade or a bowling alley is a great idea. When Charles and I were in Utah, we went to a place called Fat Cats where we played bowling and arcade games for a very good price. There all-day passes and unlimited options. Find a bowling or arcade alley near you! Most bowling alley and arcades have kiddie options too and mini-rides which are age-appropriate for children.



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There you go! 5 Ideas for 5 weekends. I encourage you to try at least one with your family. Don’t forget to take pictures for memories! One thing I recommend is using Instax to keep the fondest of my travel memories. I put the pictures I have in an album or scrapbook along with other souvenirs like leaflets or tickets that we had during our time together.

If you are interested with this product, it would make me so happy if you purchase it through my link that I posted. I am an affiliate and I get a little of the earnings to keep my blog running. Thank you! 🙂

What do you do with your family during trips? Do you have other affordable family trips you want to share with us. I would love to hear your thoughts. Leave us a comment below!

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