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White Office Furniture: Get this Whole Look for 180 Bucks!

The all-white look when it comes to furniture has been a contemporary staple. When I look at Pinterest posts, most of the most viewed furniture catalogs include an all-white furniture space. Some of them also include all-white spaces with bold color accents. In this post, I will teach you how to get an all-white office look using white office furniture. All-in for less than 200 dollars! What a deal!

Here are my white office furniture that I bought in Amazon. It’s very fresh, clean, modern and sleek. I felt happy with the look I achieved and I want to tell others about how I made it.

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Here is a list of how you can build your own white office using affordable white office furniture:

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White Office Furniture Ideas

White Desk

white office furniture

Target Marketing Systems 3 Piece Soho Study Set with 1 Writing Desk, 1 3-Shelf Bookcase, and 1 Storage Cube, White

This white desk comes in a 3 piece set. It’s very functional as it comes with a small open shelf and a small file cabinet. All in for 80 bucks! It is definitely a steal compared to all white desks. It will arrive to you in a large rectangular box ready for assembly so a basic toolbox will come in handy when setting up this white desk.

Cost: 82 Dollars

White Office Chair

white office furniture

TMS White Modern Office Executive Synthetic Leather Swivel Arms Chair Computer Desk Task

This white office chair is definitely my favorite from all the pieces I bought. It is sleek and very easy to assemble. You don’t need tools to assemble this one, as it comes with a L-shaped screwdriver to keep the screws in place. The quality is great and the modern look is just oh-so-lovely.

Cost: 67 Dollars

White Desk Lamp

white office furniture
TW Lighting IVY-40WT The IVY LED Desk Lamp with USB Port, 3-Way Touch Switch, White

This white desk lamp looks so modern and sleek. It comes with a plug, too but the cool thing about it is that it has 2 brightness settings. You can set it at regular light setting and then a stronger light setting. It is very easy to use! It also operates with a touch of a button. No need for pressing!

Cost: 10 Dollars

White Succulent Decors

white office furniture
Set of 4 Modern White Ceramic Mini Potted Artificial Succulent Plants / Faux Plant Home Decor – MyGift

Don’t you just love succulents? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, these are small plants which come from the cactus or aloe vera family. They’re small, easy-to-maintain, and very cute! It fits contemporary styles very much. What I purchased is an artificial succulent decor (but very realistic!) so maintenance will be basically 0%. It’s very cute to place in your desk or on top of the shelf.

Cost: 17 Dollars

White Photo Frames

 white office furniture
IKEA FISKBO Frame, White, 4″x6″ (Set of 2 Frames)

Even when you’re working, you should remind yourself of the things that truly matter. What better way to do that by placing photo frames in your desk. I placed a picture of Charles and I in our travels. It’s very simple and clean, and it puts the emphasis on the photo than in itself.

Cost: 7 dollars

Total Cost: 183 ++ Dollars

White Office Furniture Ideas

See how I did it? I completed the whole look for only 183 dollars, or less than 200 bucks! I was so happy with the results and I would want you to try it out when you’re planning to set up your own office.

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