4 Ways on How to be Closer to Your Family

4 Ways on How to be Closer to Your Family

I’m sure you have heard about the phrase “blood is thicker than water”. It means that your family will be the people whom you will run to both in times of pains and joys. Are you a parent who longs to be closer to your son or daughter, or are you a child who wants to reconnect with your parents? In this post I will be discussing 4 ways on how to be closer to your family.

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Our Personal Experience

Charles and I have done our best to be closer to our own families and in-laws. We believe that our families are important part of our relationship. The reason why it took quite a while for us to be engaged and get married is not only for us to know each other but also to get to know each others’ families. It was quite a challenge for us at the beginning because we were in a long-distance relationship and it was hard to meet everyone more often.

But, by God’s grace, my family accepts and loves Charles very well and so am I to his family. When you include your family in your relationship or marriage, you will feel more peaceful and happy. Here are the 4 ways on how to be closer to your family.

4 Ways on how to be Closer to Your Family


1. Give Time

I would say that out of all the things you can do to be closer to your family, this is by far the most important. When you give time to your family, everything else will follow. Giving time means showing up in special occasions, calling or messaging every once in a while, or just the simple act of being present during dinner time. Give time when you can because such moments won’t last forever. We don’t want opportunities to be close to our mom, dad, or siblings to pass us by.

2. Ask Genuine Questions

There’s a very fine line between talking and having a real conversation. Having a conversation means you don’t just talk “small talk”. It’s not just about the social niceties. Knowing your loved one on a deeper level by asking genuine questions are also important. Genuine questions aren’t just about work. Truly asking to know your loved one include questions about their hobbies, passions, interests—and even their thoughts…what’s truly in their mind. When you listen and value your family’s opinion, they will be more open to you.

3. Appreciate, Don’t Hate

Sometimes I wonder why we as humans tend to be kind and respectful to strangers but we’re critical and cold to our own families. Shouldn’t we be more warm and loving to the people who love us the most? It is important to show true appreciation. When you see that your child accomplished something, be proud of him or her by saying it! If you saw that your dad cleaned the car for you, or your mom cooked breakfast for you, just a simple thank you will put a smile on their face. If your brother or sister did you a favor, appreciate by returning it. We boost their confidence when we appreciate, and don’t hate on our loved ones.

4. Show Thoughtfulness

Thoughtfulness isn’t just about the cost of material things or gifts you give. It’s also about knowing that what you did or what you gave was something that came from the heart. An example would be giving something on a random day. Serving your family in instances that they don’t ask you to. Your gift doesn’t have to be grand. You don’t have to clean the whole house (though you can). But little and simple acts of thoughtfulness can go a long way to bring you closer to your family.

4 Ways on How to be Closer to Your family

Being closer to your family isn’t a one-time thing. It’s a process to get to know your family more. Here is something to help you out:

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