The story of our lives are all unique and beautiful. We all experience joys and tragedies along the way, but we believe as a family that all of those are meant to glorify God.

Our story is an example of that. We were once complete strangers to each other and miles apart. We didn’t have any mutual friends. But somehow, and some way, God brought us together, interweaving our strengths and weaknesses to complement each other. It felt like we were handpicked in order to build a partnership and family to fulfill a mission for His purpose.

This is the reason why we made this blog. We hope to reach out to couples and families who may need counsel, inspiration and advice in the big and small things. In the day-to-day and the special moments. It is a delight to us when we know we help others as you read our posts.

Thank you for visiting our website and we hope that you enjoy your time.

Charles and Angeline