How to Know What God Wants You to Do

Sometimes, finding out God’s will can be confusing to people. They think about their lives and wonder where God is leading them. In other instances, it could also feel like our own interests are in conflict with what we perceive as “God’s will”. In this post, we will be helping you how to know what […]

white office furniture

White Office Furniture: Get this Whole Look for 180 Bucks!

The all-white look when it comes to furniture has been a contemporary staple. When I look at Pinterest posts, most of the most viewed furniture catalogs include an all-white furniture space. Some of them also include all-white spaces with bold color accents. In this post, I will teach you how to get an all-white office […]

5 Bible Verses for Marriage Problems

Everyone who decides to join the bandwagon desires a happy and successful marriage. Aside from understanding the weight of commitment, marriage also means understanding that problems are inevitable. You are sure to encounter problems along the way. Whether it’s the constant adjustment, beliefs and values, priorities–there will be conflicts. However, that doesn’t mean you will […]

affordable family trips

5 Affordable Family Trips You Want to Try This Weekend

Affordable Family Trips We all love taking a vacation. What better fun would it be if we also can bring our whole family with us? The problem lies here is not our willingness, but sometimes, the budget. This can be problematic especially for big families. That is why most people want to find good deals […]

decorative storage boxes

Decorative Storage Boxes: 4 Ways to Organize Your Home

One of the things that stress me out is too much clutter. I freak out when I see things that are disorganized, and just plain dirty. I never thought I would be this kind of a person until I got married. When I got married and had more time to think of things instead of […]

what men really want

What Men Really Want In a Relationship: 5 Important Things to Remember

There is often a stigma that goes that men are visual beings, that they should like what they see first in order to appreciate all the other aspects of the person they are with. Although this may be true in some instances where the man may not be serious in his commitment, but more often […]

Overcome depression

Overcome Depression: 5 Mindsets to Help You Out

How to Overcome Depression? We all have bad days. Do you sometimes feel like you’re locked up and time is just passing you by?┬áDo you feel alone and life has just been going in circles?┬áHere are 5 mindsets that will hopefully teach you how to overcome depression. Read also: Healthy Fast Meals for Two? No […]