improve your life

Improve Your Life: 5 Ways to Be a Better Me

I’m sure you have felt the motivational boost every time a new year dawns upon us. You suddenly want to improve your life. “I want to start over!” “I want to be better!” “Let’s push all negativities aside!” We all want to improve our lives this coming year and we want to “own it”, as […]

how to be successful

7 How to Be Successful Lessons and Books for 2018

How to be successful? With 2018 just over the horizon, you and I would have to agree that there are some things that we want to improve on in our lives. We had our own sets of triumphs and lessons. There are some things that we want to keep on doing, even doing better. Other […]

How to Know What God Wants You to Do

Sometimes, finding out God’s will can be confusing to people. They think about their lives and wonder where God is leading them. In other instances, it could also feel like our own interests are in conflict with what we perceive as “God’s will”. In this post, we will be helping you how to know what […]

Overcome depression

Overcome Depression: 5 Mindsets to Help You Out

How to Overcome Depression? We all have bad days. Do you sometimes feel like you’re locked up and time is just passing you by?┬áDo you feel alone and life has just been going in circles?┬áHere are 5 mindsets that will hopefully teach you how to overcome depression. Read also: Healthy Fast Meals for Two? No […]