how to make long distance relationships work

How to Make Long Distance Relationships Work

With the ever-increasing opportunities to meet people through social media, more and more couples find themselves in long distance relationships. Some people find love on the opposite side of the country, or even on the other side of the globe. Although this is a good thing, there are many challenges that come across having your loved one miles apart from you. Do long distance relationships work? Yes, but only if you commit to it and do the right things. In this post, we will be talking about how to make long distance relationships work.

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Do long distance relationships work?

For me, they did work. Charles and I started our relationship long distance. We also didn’t meet personally before two months of getting to know each other. I would never say it was easy. In fact it was difficult. But he and I knew that it was only temporary and we just have to persevere to make it through the tough times of being apart.

how to make long distance relationships work
One of our earlier long distance relationship moments!

It takes a tough couple to make a long distance relationship possible because of time and geographical differences.

You may be facing a long distance relationship ever since, or you’re on your way to embarking on this journey.

As long as you know that your love for each other trumps all of these hurdles, you are sure to make it through. Here are some key things to remember on how to make long distance relationships work.

How to make long distance relationships work

1. Commit to a regular schedule to communicate

Time is an important part of any relationship. One of the challenges that you may be facing is having differing schedules. However, both of you must understand that setting aside time for your relationship is essential for keeping your love alive. If someone is a priority, you will make time for them.

Find a common schedule that you can work on so you can spend time to talk, tell about what’s going on in your life, as well as other future plans. If one can’t make it, have a make-up schedule to adjust. In fact, try to communicate to your loved one in any opportunity that you can. Having a set schedule makes things regular and keeps you close to your significant other.

2. Make things interesting

Another long distance relationship advice that is helpful is keeping things interesting in your relationship. It would be understandable that you regular talks may turn into a boring routine. You can’t go on actual dates, you can’t hug or kiss each other, and there are plans that may not push through.

And so, to keep your long distance relationship growing, keep things interesting. Keep your conversation topics novel, such as asking fun questions, or playing an online game together. You can also send videos and pictures to each other during busy moments just to keep each other smiling. It makes your significant other feel that you are thinking of them.


3. Fix problems right away

Arguments will be inevitable. Misunderstandings happen because you only communicate through words, voices, or video. You can’t see the whole context of your situation, and some things may be unclear to you and your partner. That is why one important long distance relationship advice is to practice a habit of fixing problems right away.

When you don’t fix your problems right away, deep-seated resentment happens. Less communication occurs. It is harder to fix a problem when it is overblown already than when the conflict is fresh and you can still apologize and explain yourself.

Don’t be a passive aggressive person in a long distance relationship. Learn to say how you feel, and apologize if you truly know you’re wrong. This will make your conflict resolution less challenging despite the distance.

4. Have other means of communication

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. In long distance relationship terms, don’t use only a single form of application or gadget when talking to each other. Why?

Because when a single device or application malfunctions, you may not have other alternatives to use. Make sure that if you have Face time, you should have Skype for backup. Or if you have Messenger, you should have Whatsapp too just in case you can’t access the other one.

This is for you to avoid misunderstandings and lose time being spent with each other. You can’t expect technology to be reliable all the time. So it is important to have a good alternative.

5. Have a long-term goal for your relationship

You can’t just have a long-term relationship if you don’t have a specific goal to be with each other in the near (or far) future. It doesn’t matter how long, or how far you are from each other. It is essential for you to have an agreement to be with your significant other that you will someday live close, or live together.

In the end, long-distance relationships aren’t meant to be a permanent state. It should always be seen in a temporary setting. Do long distance relationships work? Yes they do, but they are always toward a goal of being together.

How to make long distance relationships work?

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