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Improve Your Life: 5 Ways to Be a Better Me

I’m sure you have felt the motivational boost every time a new year dawns upon us. You suddenly want to improve your life.

“I want to start over!”

“I want to be better!”

“Let’s push all negativities aside!”

We all want to improve our lives this coming year and we want to “own it”, as the millennials say.

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Improve Your Life : Dilemma

There are many ways to improve your life. However, many of us don’t know where and how to start. Even if you do, you aren’t sure about the specific steps to take to improve your life.

Changing bad habits and turning them into good ones can be quite a challenge. But as what successful people say, it is forming of habits that drive people to success rather than pure motivation.

When something becomes a habit, the less will power you will need to do it, and therefore you are just compelled to do it because it has been already formed as a habit.

Let’s take the example of brushing your teeth. Nobody motivates you to brush your teeth. Unless you are completely lazy like a sloth–you are more than likely just brushing your teeth out of habit.

But what if we take this same principle, and apply it to things you want to do to improve your life?

Let’s say, exercise! Or maybe developing adapting good work ethics. Or possibly making more money, or improving your relationships?

Is it possible?

The answer is a resounding yes!

We can use the power of habit to achieve what we want in life.

In this post, we will be discussing things that will help us improve our life, by developing these simple recommended habits for your overall well-being.

Before we get into that, there are some things to remember about how habits work.

How to improve your life through habits: Things to remember

1. Start gradually

A form of life improvement is changing little by little. If you want to start on something, better to start in small increments.

You don’t want to overwhelm your body, mind or even your schedule by suddenly committing to something that’s too big.

Chances are you’ll burn out, and end up discouraged.

If you want to start on something, start small. For example, if you want to develop the habit of eating right, then count breakfast first as your healthy meal. Start preparing healthier breakfasts.

If you are used to it, then you can move to lunch, then eventually dinner.

If you start small and don’t overwhelm yourself, there is a higher chance of success.

2. Find a consistent schedule

It doesn’t matter if your new goal is being met daily, weekly, or monthly. What matters is that you commit to it consistently, with the same schedule.

Studies show that people who do the same things at the same schedules are more likely to succeed doing it in the long term.

How would you like to improve your mind? Maybe you can start reading 3 chapters of a book before going to bed. Doing so every night will increase your chances of succeeding on it over time.

3. Don’t be discouraged

If you let yourself down a day or two, don’t be discouraged.

Just pick up yourself, dust your shoulders and get moving again.

Don’t give up! Everybody experiences setbacks, but don’t let this keep you off track.

Want to improve your life by busting bad habits such as smoking, drinking, gambling or even procrastinating? You can start by looking into this guide that can help you out: Click Here!

improve your life

Improve your life : 5 Ways To Be a Better Me

You’re probably asking, “Now I got my habit game on check, the next step is how to improve my life?” Here are some habits you can start on in order to improve your life this year.

1. Read

A lot of us invest in material things.

Maybe we invest on cars, houses, the latest gadgets, and the like.

But how many of us actually invest in our minds? Improving your life also has something to do with improving your mind.

When we take on the habit of reading, we open our minds to receive the knowledge of other people we wouldn’t have otherwise met.

I encourage you to start on non-fictional books, about topics that help you discover things about the world, or learning more about a hobby that interests you.

Who knows? You can use that knowledge to create something big in your life.

Plan of action: Read 1-3 chapters of a book or an e-book a day at a consistent time such as in the morning, during your lunch break, or before going to bed. Here are some titles you can start on:


2. Invest or save your money

No amount of money is too small to save or invest. When you save or invest your money, it means that you’re creating interest that can grow that money over time.

You can use it to start a business, support a cause, or to support your family later on in life.

The Bible says in Proverbs:

When we are diligent in investing, we can earn profits that we can benefit from later on in life.

Making the habit of saving and investing money can help you in future expenses and give you a way to enjoy simple pleasures in life.

If you don’t know where to start investing, there are what we call online advisors that help you get started such as Betterment and Wealthfront.¬†You can also ask your local bank about investment and savings plans where you can earn profit.

Plan of action: Start investing or saving a certain amount of money through an account, and commit to adding to it monthly.

3. Make meaningful friendships

“Tell me who your friends are, and I’ll tell you who you are.”

Sounds familiar isn’t it?

The quality of your friendships tell about what kind of person you are.

It isn’t about the amount of friends that you have, but the kind of friends you have in your life.

Whatever state you are in you are in your life right now, you can find friends who share the same goals and passions as you do.

Find friends who will support you, grow with you and respect your time and space.

Plan of action: meet up with a person who you think can be a good friend, take him/her out to lunch and get to know that person and how you can learn from them.

4. Support a cause

Fulfillment comes naturally when we are able to help others.

That is one trait that the humans race have: showing compassion to others.

When we form the habit of supporting a cause, we feel like there is a purpose in our lives that is bigger than ourselves.

Our lives aren’t only useful to us, but also a symbol of hope to others.

It doesn’t take much to help. You can give your time, effort, or money to those who are in need.

The great thing about giving is it doesn’t have an amount requirement–it can be as small or as big as you can give. Why don’t we improve quality of life of other people aside from ours?

Supporting a cause can make you feel like you are capable, and you are making a good difference in the world.

Plan of action: Find a cause you want to support, and become a regular volunteer, or donor for that cause this year. Foundations are always looking for volunteers and donors to support their causes.

5. Get closer to God

Something that people forget to do but is actually at the core of a person’s well-being is getting to know God.

The Bible says in Acts:

Everything comes from God, and God gives us the ability to accomplish things in our life.

So what better why to start this year by acknowledging HIM first?

Getting closer to God means pursuing Him through reading more about the Bible, keeping a consistent schedule of prayer, and attending fellowship and services.

Some people say they don’t trust God.

Why don’t they? It’s because they don’t know God enough to be close to Him.

If we take time in our lives to be closer to God, and get to know what He did for us and what He is continuing to do, our lives’ purpose becomes clear.

Start on improving your life today

If you want to get a kickstart on having these good habits in your life, I recommend you taking a look into “Break Bad Habits“. It’s a complete guide that can help you have a jumpstart in being a better you this year. You can Click Here, or on the photo below to find out more:

improve your life

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